Helen Bentley

2 Knowle Drive RH10 3LP

01342 714004


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Herbalife in Crawley and Copthorne

Hi - I’m Helen, your Independent HERBALIFE

distributor in Crawley, W. Sussex.

If you want to lose weight, to get fit or

to reach your goal level of health and fitness,

you have found your answer here - HERBALIFE

You can call me on:

01342 714004     or    07860 176023

or email me: helenvbentley38@gmail.com

HERBALIFE has been helping people to achieve their health and fitness goals through its range of natural, nutritional products for over 37 years, and now this global company and its product range are even bigger and better than ever before. Hundreds of athletes use HERBALIFE to support their active lifestyle, including Cristiano Ronaldo. HERBALIFE has also helped hundreds of thousands of people to achieve their ideal weight goals.

We understand what it takes to lose weight. We have achieved our weight goals through using the HERBALIFE product range so we have first hand experience to share with you to help you succeed in your personal health goals. I have used HERBALIFE every day for 30 years so I can guarantee it is safe and it works.

It’s also simple to use, fun and easy, and tastes delicious -it comes in 8 yummy, ice cream flavours.

You can monitor your progress in the comfort and privacy of your own home, with the added advantage of always having your personal HERBALIFE coach, committed to your success, only a phone call or a message away.

We offer a free follow up service online, on the phone or by text. Every order of HERBALIFE products within 100 miles of Crawley, is DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR and a full support and advice service by phone, online, or by text, throughout your time using the HERBALIFE products.

You can start with a 6 Day Ideal Breakfast Trial or

book a free wellness evaluation to choose

the best programme for your personal

requirements and budget.

If want to look and feel great, give me a call now!

You can call me on:

01342 714004     or    07860 176023

Become a Herbalife Member:

As a full or part-time Member,

you can choose how you want to do the

business based on your goals. Apply now!

Sponsor's ID: BEN113390

You can make your HERBALIFE experience even more fun by doing it with friends. Team up with two or more buddies for some super team deals!

Give me a call and I will share with you what to do and how to do it and YOU will be the next satisfied person to get healthy in the Crawley area.

Call, text or email me, Helen Bentley on 01342 714004 or 07860 176023


We supply Herbalife products and services to Crawley, Copthorne, Gatwick, Horley, Smallfield, Lingfield, Dormansland, East Grinstead, Crawley Down, Turner’s Hill, Forest Row, Wych Cross, Balcombe, Ardindly, Handcross, Staplefield, Pease Pottage, Colgate, Horsham, Russ Hill, Norwood Hill, Haywards Heath,  Newdigate, Burgess Hill,  Uckfield, Hassocks, Three Bridges, Worthing, Shoreham by Sea, Newhaven, Brighton and Hove and all surrounding areas, as well as the rest of UK and Ireland.

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................................What did YOU have for BREAKFAST?.........................

................................What did YOU have for BREAKFAST?.........................

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